Pathfinder Tech

Foreign Languages


Grade 9

  • Honors Spanish I 

Grade 10

  • Honors Spanish II

Grade 11

  • Spanish I
  • Spanish I Honors
  • Spanish II
  • Spanish II Honors
  • *Available through an online platform: Mandarin I, French I, Latin I

Grade 12

  • Spanish I
  • Spanish I Honors
  • Spanish II
  • Spanish II Honors
  • *Available through an online platform: Mandarin I, French I, Latin I

Foreign Languages

In the Foreign Language department, we strive to help students develop a “global mindset” through the studying of languages and culture. We believe that this will ultimately equip students with the tools they need in today’s ever changing, complex world.

To assist students with the development of this “global mindset”, the study of different languages as in French and Mandarin have been added to the various Spanish course offerings so as to encourage students’ to learn different if not multiple languages over the course of their four years at Pathfinder. These additional course offerings are made available through an online platform known as Edgenuity.

“One language sets you in a corridor for life; two languages open every door along the way.”

Teaching languages and culture is my passion. I have worked on both sides of the country from the east coast to the west coast teaching elementary, middle school and high school. I bring experiences working with many diverse groups of people ranging from Central America to the Caribbean. I look forward to sharing these experiences with you. 


Exploring Products, Practices & Perspectives of various Spanish Speaking Countries through the creation of:

  • Carnival masks (“el vejigante” or “la calavera catrina”)
  • Day of the Dead “ofrendas or altars”
  • Birthday/Holiday traditions & Piñatas
  • Cultural Collages
  • Famous Hispanics
  •  Ability to search for cultural information using a variety of resources.
  • Ability to relay cultural information in English both concisely and efficiently in writing and orally
  • Ability to utilize technology effectively to gain insight into other cultures.
  • Ability to utilize technology effectively in order to expand on one’s Spanish language acquisition.
  • Ability to utilize technology to demonstrate Spanish oral language development
  • Ability to design products emphasizing on the practices and perspectives behind them
  • Ability to synthesize shop skills into product designs for example computer aided drafting masks or photoshop ofrendas/altars.
  • Ability to organize products electronically in order to use them for future reference especially to showcase them for colleges & job opportunities.


Promote peace and diplomacy as a Foreign Service Officer.

Represent a defendant in a court case as a Court Interpreter.

Help immigrants gather translated documents as an Immigration Caseworker.

Transcribe cures for deadly diseases as a Scientific Translator.

Manage many moving translations as a Project Manager.

Build a sustainable environment and teach as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Advocate for immigrants’ rights as a Cultural Advisor.

Use translated documents to inform patients of their rights as a Medical Translator.

Decipher threats on the government as a Media Analyst.

Start up a business in a foreign country as a Localization Specialist.

Pathfinder Tech offers a wide range of vocational technical programs that give students a competitive advantage both in college and the workforce. These sixteen programs are designed to help students create and follow pathways to a career of their choice.  Pursue your passion and enjoy your education!

The Cooperative Education Program at Pathfinder is an optional experience for seniors and juniors (second half of the school year) having a minimum 1,000 hours in their technical area. Through a cooperative arrangement between the school and employer, the student will receive job placement related to their technical area of study during their “shop week” with wages paid by the employer. To be eligible, a student must have the recommendation of their technical program teachers, meet the required grade, attendance, and discipline standards. The student must also have their OSHA 10-hour card. Some technical areas may require additional certifications prior to entering the program.

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