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Grade 9

  • Students will demonstrate ability to build basic circuit designs and Wiring
  • Students will demonstrate ability to build switch-loop circuits
  • Students will demonstrate ability to build  3-way and 4-way switching switching circuits
  • Students will identify appropriate methods and materials for installing residential electrical wiring.
  • Students will demonstrate a knowledge of  how induced electron movement occurs, and about its practical application
  • Students will recognize and follow basic Construction Safety procedures.
  • Students will Demonstrate ability to build circuits with various  Wiring Methods
  • Students will Demonstrate ability to locate applicable standards from the National Electrical Code
  • Students will actively explore, research and engage in occupational introductions with career planning activities that are of their own specific interest, relevant to the program.
  • Students will Demonstrate ability to effectively use Hand tools and power tools safely.
  • Students will Demonstrate ability to effectively apply Shop Math when required 

Grade 10

  • Students will Demonstrate ability to wire residential multi location lighting using three-way switching and four-way switching.
  • Students will Demonstrate ability and knowledge to effectively wire residential branch circuits of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics, porches, garages, living rooms, dining rooms and similar variations.
  • Students will investigate through troubleshooting, and repair of large household appliances such as ovens, cooktops, washers, and dryers
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively wire and appropriately install residential lighting control using dimmers, timers, and motion sensors.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of grounding and bonding
  • Students will demonstrate ability to properly use tools and implement techniques in fastening objects.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding and ability to navigate the Massachusetts Electrical Code (MEC) and Code of Massachusetts Regulations MGL and (CMR).

Grade 11

  • Students will be able to demonstrate ability to work with different wiring methods listed in the National Electrical Code Chapter 3.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate ability to work within commercial worksite applications and labs within the shop.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate ability to work in industrial work settings doing jobs throughout the school.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate appropriate demeanor to work in a professional manner while completing off campus projects that reinforce skills learned in sophomore curriculum. 
  • Students will be able to understand the implementation of when and where to use various wiring methods.
  • Students will be able to identify the differences of grounding and bonding between a main and sub panel.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to complete various conduit bending skills that are required in commercial and industrial wiring.

Grade 12

  • Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to wire basic Industrial motor control projects.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate job safety awareness when working on commercial, industrial, and residential work sites.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of Fire alarm, burglar alarm, CCTV, Home automation, and low voltage lighting control systems. 
  • Students will be able to have a basic understanding of specialty devices such as time clocks, dimmers, programmable switches, etc.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to run and terminate data networking cable and telephone cable.
  • Students will gain an understanding of how to wire advanced systems such as swimming pools, hot tubs, CATV.
  • Students will understand and interpret necessary skills to wire generator transfer switches or stand by power generators in residential applications.


Pathfinder’s Electrical Technology program is a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Chapter 74 approved program, as well as approved through the Massachusetts State board of Electrical Examiners. With a focus on a well-rounded curriculum that prepares students for careers in the Electrical Industry that is most prevalent in the New England area. The electrical course of study at Pathfinder High School is taught by three instructors, which are certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Professional Licensure.  

Even though there are many potential career paths a graduate of our program may pursue, our main curriculum focus is on becoming an Electrician Apprentice. Successful completion of the course will credit students towards their Electrical class B license, with up to Two Thousand working hours of the Eight Thousand required, and up to Three Hundred of the Six Hundred related theory and code hours required. After graduation a student can complete their Electrical Apprenticeship by working another Six Thousand hours under the supervision of a licensed Electrician, and obtain the additional Three Hundred classroom hours through a state approved Electrical related theory and code course. Students may also apply 25% of these same hours toward a Low voltage technician class D license in the same manner.

For more information on licensing requirements go to MA 237 CMR 13 which can be found on the website.

  • Wiring 
  • Energy saving lighting retrofit installation located at the Warren Fire Department.
  • New construction house wiring including an underground service with the installation of standby generator power.
  • Granby Police Department garage construction wiring.
  • Pathfinder New Plumbing program wiring
  • Up to 2000 hours of working experience credit toward Electrical licensure
  • Up to 300 hours of classroom experience credit toward Electrical licensure
  • OSHA 10 certification
  • 6 hour confined space awareness training
  • Hotworks certification
  • Physics
  • Algebra
  • Reading comprehension
  • Trigonometry
  • Engineering


Upon graduation:
  • Apprentice Electrician
  • Apprentice Lineman
  • Electrical Material Handler
  • StageHand/Grip
  • Utility Meter Reader
  • Apprentice Low Voltage Systems Tech
  • Cable TV Technician
  • Cable TV Technician
  • Telecommunications Apprentice
  • Solar Installer
  • Wind Turbine Erector
After completion of 1-2 years of post-secondary technical training (apprenticeship, certificate program or associate’s degree):
  • Journeyman Electrician 
  • Journeyman Lineman
  • Electro-Mechanical Technician
  • Low Voltage Systems Tech
  • Electrical Equipment Salesperson
  • Appliance Repair Tech
  • Military Electrician
  • Temperature Control Tech
  • Telecommunications Tech
  • Elevator Installer
After completion of Advanced degree (4 year college degree or higher)
  • Master Electrician/Contractor
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Low Voltage Systems Contractor
  • Electrical Inspector
  • Lighting System Designer
  • Electrical Inspector 
  • Lighting System Designer
  • Electrical Project Manager
  • Manufacturer’s Representative 
  • Electrical Equipment Supplier
  • Automated Systems tech
  • Electrical Project Estimator

Pathfinder Tech offers a wide range of vocational technical programs that give students a competitive advantage both in college and the workforce. These sixteen programs are designed to help students create and follow pathways to a career of their choice.  Pursue your passion and enjoy your education!

The Cooperative Education Program at Pathfinder is an optional experience for seniors and juniors (second half of the school year) having a minimum 1,000 hours in their technical area. Through a cooperative arrangement between the school and employer, the student will receive job placement related to their technical area of study during their “shop week” with wages paid by the employer. To be eligible, a student must have the recommendation of their technical program teachers, meet the required grade, attendance, and discipline standards. The student must also have their OSHA 10-hour card. Some technical areas may require additional certifications prior to entering the program.

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