Pathfinder Tech

Automotive Technology


Grade 9

  • Safety training/PPE
  • Hand tool intro and application
  • Fasteners ID and repair
  • Vehicle maintenance instruction.
  • Wheel and tire service
  • Steering system theory and service
  • Suspension system theory and service
  • Electrical fundamental training

Grade 10

  • Safety training/PPE
  • Snap on NC3 Multimeter Training Certification
  • Battery, starting and charging instruction
  • Steering system diagnostics
  • Suspension system diagnostics
  • Advanced maintenance training
  • Brake system (hydraulics and power) instruction
  • Precision measuring (disc/drum) training
  • Powertrain (engine) types, sizes, classifications
  • Engine component (upper/lower)
  • Cooling system theory and diagnostics
  • Intermediate electrical and circuit training
  • Introduction to electronics training

Grade 11

  • Technical Program safety/power tools
  • Advanced maintenance training
  • Wheel alignment training and diagnostics
  • Brake system diagnostics (incl. anti-lock and traction control systems
  • Ignition system theory and diagnostic training
  • Fuel delivery system training
  • Fuel system management training
  • Engine management systems training
  • Engine air intake system training
  • Exhaust system theory, operation and diagnostic training
  • Anti theft system and electrical accessory training
  • Intermediate electrical system training
  • Lighting system training

Grade 12

  • Advanced electronic application and system training
  • General engine diagnostics
  • Engine removal and repair training
  • Engine management training including OBDII
  • OBDII Scan tool operation and diagnostics
  • Mobile network architecture and diagnostics
  • Engine performance diagnostic training
  • OBDII Evaporative system theory and diagnostic training
  • Emission system theory and diagnostic instruction
  • Automotive refrigerant (A/C) system theory, operation, and diagnostics (134a and 1234yf)
  • HVAC (interior climate control) air management and diagnostics
  • Introduction to hybrid technology and alternative fuel vehicle systems

Automotive Technology

Pathfinder Tech’s Automotive Technology program provides students with the skills needed to meet the standards of many different types of careers available in the automotive industry. The program consists of rigorous classroom theory training that prepares students to work in our state-of-the-art repair facility. Pathfinder Tech Automotive Technology upperclass students work on over 350 customer vehicles each year and perform tasks such as maintenance, brakes, suspension, computerized alignments, electronics, and engine performance work. The demand has never been higher for trained technicians!

  • ELA
  • Geometry
  • Physics
  • Tech Engineering
  • ASE Certification
  • SP2 Certification
  • OSHA Certification
  • NC3 Meter Certification
  • MACS A/C Certification
  • ALI Automotive Lift Institute Certification
  • Mitchell ProDemand Certification
  • Manufacturer specific certifications


Upon graduation:
  • Automotive Technician
  • Service Advisor
  • Diesel Technician
  • Heavy Equipment Technician
  • Shop Foreman
  • Motorsports Technician
  • Parts Technician
  • Shop Owner
After completion of 1-2 years of post-secondary technical training (apprenticeship, certificate program or associate’s degree):
  • Factory Field Technician
  • Service Manager
After completion of Advanced degree (4 year college degree or higher)
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Automotive Instructor
  • Designer
  • Sustainability Engineer
  • Factory Regional Manager

Pathfinder Tech offers a wide range of vocational technical programs that give students a competitive advantage both in college and the workforce. These sixteen programs are designed to help students create and follow pathways to a career of their choice.  Pursue your passion and enjoy your education!

The Cooperative Education Program at Pathfinder is an optional experience for seniors and juniors (second half of the school year) having a minimum 1,000 hours in their technical area. Through a cooperative arrangement between the school and employer, the student will receive job placement related to their technical area of study during their “shop week” with wages paid by the employer. To be eligible, a student must have the recommendation of their technical program teachers, meet the required grade, attendance, and discipline standards. The student must also have their OSHA 10-hour card. Some technical areas may require additional certifications prior to entering the program.

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