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Studio Art 11: Design I

Course Description: This is a foundational art course in 2 and 3-dimensional design.  The focus is on the elements and principles of design and color study.  Materials include paper, watercolors, chalks, tempera, and other assorted materials.  Some art history is included throughout the year.

Studio Art 12: Draw/ Paint

Course Description: This is a foundational course focusing on drawing and painting strategies and applications.  Material covered includes faces, figures, still life, landscape and perspective work.  Some related art history is included throughout the year.


Welcome to the Pathfinder Tech Art Department!  This elective is celebrating its 3rd year being an elective for upperclassmen students.  So far, students have enjoyed a multitude of creative projects in design and drawing and painting as well as projects with community engagement in mind.  We have a beautiful studio space and lots of really great materials to work with! Art is such a wonderful way for students to express themselves and also a nice change of pace in the day during their busy academic week. It is great to see all of the talent and newly learned skills on a daily basis taking place in the studio.

This is my 28th year of teaching studio art to high school students. I love making watercolor cards in my spare time for family, friends and colleagues. Art has always been part of my life and I love seeing my students become so proud of what they are capable of when they have the opportunity to try a studio art class. Every day is a new adventure and every day it is amazing to see student projects come to life!

-Darlene Henshaw
Art Teacher

Pathfinder Tech



Digital Music

Course Description:  This course will cover what is known as digital, electronic, or computer music. This includes learning to make music using a computer only – specifically production, sound design, beat programming and finger drumming – as well as learning to digitally record musical instruments. We will begin with learning the online browser-based digital audio workstation BandLab, and possibly transition to a professional program such as Ableton Live.

Instrumental Music

Course Description:  In this course, students will learn how to make instrumental music in the informal style of a garage band. The course is designed for students who have had limited or no experience reading music and playing musical instruments in a formal setting such as a middle school ensemble. This course welcomes any instruments from home that students may wish to bring to class. School instruments will be provided as they become available.


Course Description:  This course is designed for students who may have had some experience reading standard musical notation and playing in a formal setting such as a middle school ensemble. Every effort will be made to accommodate any type of instrument in this ensemble. This will be a performing ensemble with public performances to be determined, including supporting athletic events.